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Prestige Yacht Charters

Prestige Yacht Charters Institutes “Business Party Bonanza” Program

New York, NY — (Nov 5, 2018) — Prestige Yacht Charters, Inc. (, a premier luxury-yacht charter company serving New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, today announced special prices for November reservations of yachts for business meetings or holiday parties. Titled “Business Party Bonanza,” the program will offer one free passed hors d’oeuvre for businesses scheduling outings for 20 guests or more.

Prestige Yacht Charters is known for its efforts to include business organizations as a target market for the reservation of exclusive private yacht charters. It has equipped its ships with sophisticated audiovisual systems, included spaces conducive to business gatherings, and provided expert planners to help choose appropriate design, entertainment and cuisine.

David Hackert, President of Prestige Yacht Charters, said, “In addition to the unique bonds fostered by a yachting voyage, yachts create a captive audience, ensuring your prospect’s full attention for the entire length of the trip. Moreover, they provide a concrete way of showing how your company thinks ‘out of the box.’”

Hackert went on to discuss the benefits of tailoring the yacht’s décor to show attention to detail while maintaining perspective on the larger issues of family, friends and health. For business holiday parties, a yachting environment provides a unique way of saying thank you by just having fun together.

The Prestige Business Party Bonanza program offers a cruise along the Hudson River in a private yacht including a trip past the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. Business staff, guests and prospects are feted with their choice of cuisine prepared by acclaimed chefs and entertainment such as live music, DJs, caricaturists, mixologists and casinos.

Hackert concluded, “Organizing a trip on a yacht charter transcends the experience itself. It lets you personalize your pitch to potential clients and show how much you care about their business. It says, ‘Your business is so important to me, I’d like to pursue it in a special way.’”

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