Experience New York City Events and Destinations from Aboard a Luxury Yacht Charter

A private yacht charter is one of the best ways to take in all the sights of New York City, away from the crowds and congestion.  Your private boat will allow you to get up close and personal with areas like Little Island, Hudson Yards, Fleet Week in May, the 12 Meter Heritage Regatta in June, and the highly anticipated July 4th fireworks.  A luxury yacht allows you to experience these from the privacy and comfort of a private yacht.  Enjoy an intimate gathering with a small group of friends or plan a larger event, Prestige Yacht Charters has the luxury yacht to accommodate for your group and itinerary.

From Little Island New York to Hudson Yards, See the City’s Skyline Like Never Before

Located in the Hudson River, just west of Manhattan, Little Island is an artificial island park that opened to the public in 2021.  The pier features an innovative design of flowers, trees, and shrubbery that make this a sight to behold from aboard a private yacht.  The landscaping of this island is a spectacular view, with over 66,000 tulips, 114 trees, and over 350 species of flowers.  There is no better seat to view it from than aboard a luxury yacht charter. 

Hudson Yards is one of New York City’s newest neighborhoods on Manhattan’s west side.  This neighborhood is a true cultural experience, with over 14 acres of public gardens and groves.  If you haven’t yet seen Hudson Yards from a private yacht, you will be amazed at how this development has added to the already spectacular NYC skyline.

Upcoming NYC Events to Experience from the Water

In May, New York City will host Fleet Week with an array of ships and demonstrations taking to the city’s water.  This seven-day celebration is rich with events and sailing vessels that are a sight to behold.  June in the city will bring the 12 Meter Heritage Regatta.  A tradition in American yachting, sailing vessels will race in New York Harbor.  Of course, the July 4th fireworks in New York City simply cannot be missed.  Chartering a private boat will give a front row view of all these upcoming events, without having to worry about crowds.

Prestige Yacht Charters has a variety of luxury yachts available for these sights in the city and upcoming events, giving you the view of a lifetime. 

A New Dock for Justine and Juliette: Newport Pier in Downtown Jersey City

We are excited to offer Justine and Juliette from their new home in Newport, NJ – just across from midtown Manhattan.  This new home for these two boats is in a beautiful, lively, and convenient location close to trains, hotels, the Holland Tunnel, and offers a secure parking garage.

Spectacular Charters From Newport, New Jersey

All cruises from Newport begin with a stunning view of the Freedom Tower and cover all the sights nearby in your choice of two-, three- or four-hour custom cruises.  We are also offering reduced relocation fees at Chelsea Piers, North Cove, and One15 Brooklyn Marinas.

Alpine, New Jersey Charters are Still Available

We are continuing to offer Alpine, New Jersey yacht charters.  This is a beautiful spot nestled in the Palisades, a perfect point for fall foliage cruises through the Hudson Valley, Bear Mountain, and West Point. 

Chartering in Style Aboard Justine or Juliette

Both luxury yachts are fully heated and are perfect for intimate anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events, and photo shoots through New Year’s Eve.

For more information, or to book Justine or Juliette, contact 212-717-0300 or visit https://www.prestigeyachtcharters.com/motor_yachts.asp

What to Expect from the Yacht Crew of Your New York Luxury Charter

The onboard crew is important to the success and enjoyment of your New York luxury yacht charter.  The number of crew members vary depending on the size of the boat and how many guests are onboard.  This team usually consists of a captain and first mate, engineer, stewards and stewardesses and an onboard chef.  These crew members will work together to make sure the boat’s mechanics are running smoothly, as well as ensuring the enjoyment of all the guests.

The Captain’s Duties on a Luxury Yacht Charter of New York City and the Hudson River

For any size vessel, a captain is needed to operate the boat safely.  The captain also assumes full responsibility for all of the guests onboard, while commanding over the other crew members.  Prior to departure, the captain is responsible for training the crew and ensuring the safety of the boat.  On the water, these roles will include steering, navigating, and any necessary maintenance of the boat.        The responsibility of the yacht’s electrical, mechanical, computer and plumbing will fall to the engineer.

Dedicated Crew Members Responsible for Attending to the Guests Onboard the Private Boat

The stewards and stewardesses on a luxury yacht charter are those crew members responsible for ensuring that all the needs of the guests are met.  This includes serving food and beverage and attending to any special requests from guests.  This team is also responsible for creating a warm and inviting interior of the boat.  they will be sure all your details are fully executed including your arrangements for decor, entertainment, and other requested services.

The crew members of an NYC luxury yacht charter are carefully chosen to fit the boat’s size and requirements, as well as the number of guests onboard.  Teams are thoroughly trained to meet guests’ needs, while ensuring that safety of everyone onboard.

Ready to experience all that a luxury yacht charter has to offer?  Prestige Yacht Charters has a fleet of private boats that are always fully staffed with experienced crew members that can ensure your voyage throughout New York City, the Hudson River, or East River is a success.

Celebrate Your Missed or Postponed Event in Style Onboard a Luxury Yacht

The past few years have been challenging, as we have all lived through a pandemic.  During that time many of life’s celebrations and milestones had to go uncelebrated.  From weddings and family reunions to milestone birthdays and elaborate graduations, many of these event celebrations had to be scaled down or did not happen at all.  This doesn’t mean the celebration can’t take place now.  Prestige Yacht Charters can ensure that these important life celebrations can once again take place with friends and family, from the beauty of a private boat at sea.

Amenities Abound on a Private Yacht Charter

The many amenities that a private yacht can offer for your celebration are sure to set the perfect tone for your guests, guaranteeing the success of your event.  Guests can enjoy the sights of New York City’s breathtaking skyline, the Hudson River, and other historic landmarks from the comfort of a private yacht.  Many luxury yachts can include a live DJ and a dance floor for your guests to celebrate and enjoy their time together.  Meal service can range from a sit-down five-course meal prepared by an onboard chef to appetizers and cocktails while your guests mingle with one another. 

All these available amenities and more will ensure that your guests enjoy themselves, all while celebrating in style on a private boat.

Private Yachts with Accommodations for Any Number of Guests

Prestige Yacht Charters’ fleet of private boats offer an array of amenities that are sure to meet your requirements, from a more casual setting appropriate for fun get-togethers with friends to luxury amenities where you and your guests can celebrate a black-tie event. A wedding, anniversary or birthday celebration is a great way to enjoy time with your guests, making up for any of life’s momentous occasions that you may have missed celebrating together.

The fleet of luxury yachts offered by Prestige Yacht Charters can accommodate any number of guests for your event.  From smaller, more intimate gatherings to guests numbering in the hundreds, Prestige Yacht Charters has the perfect yacht for your event.See our complete fleet of yachts at https://www.prestigeyachtcharters.com/motor_yachts.asp

As New York City Reopens, This is a Perfect Time for Booking a Luxury Yacht Charter

One of the best ways to see New York City and to experience the true beauty that the area has to offer is aboard a private yacht charter.

See New York City from Onboard a Private Boat

NYC is starting to feel like itself again, after over a year of challenges visitors and tourism are returning to this popular city.  One of the best ways to see New York City and to experience the true beauty that the area has to offer is aboard a private yacht charter.  From a tour the Hudson River to Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridges, this is a great time to take in all the sights of the city from the water.

See New York City from Onboard a Private Boat

As summer approaches, the city is quickly returning to its natural hustle and bustle.  A great way to experience all that New York City has to offer, without dealing with the crowds and congestion, is from aboard a luxury yacht.  Exclusive to your group, a private charter offers plenty of amenities and an itinerary customized for your trip.  This is a perfect way to tour New York with a small group of friends and family or to celebrate a special occasion all while taking in the beauty of the city.

Guests can enjoy the spring and summer weather of New York City, while bathing in the warm sun and spray of the water deck side.  If you prefer, many yachts offer lounge areas fully equipped with panoramic windows so that you can take in the sights from the comfort of a more controlled climate. 

The Many Sights of New York City and the Surrounding Area

A yacht charter allows you the time to see the many sights of New York City and the surrounding area in comfort and style.  Tours can take you through the Hudson River, with up close views of the New World Trade Center, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and more.  Travel in your private boat past the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island to take in some of the most popular attractions of the city. This is a great time to enjoy a much-awaited trip to New York City, taking in the many sights that the area has to offer.  Prestige Yacht Charters has a fleet of yachts that can accommodate groups from two people to hundreds.  To see a complete listing of the boats available, visit https://www.prestigeyachtcharters.com/motor_yachts.asp