Experience Miami Like Never Before, Aboard a Luxury Yacht Charter

Miami offers the experience of a lifetime when experienced onboard a private yacht charter.  You probably thought you knew Miami, but when explored from a luxury yacht the area has so much more to offer beyond what you can experience on land.  Spend time touring Biscayne Bay and the many interlocking waterways that are open to chartered yachts. 

Your Miami private charter will allow you and your guests to see the area like never before.

The South Florida climate allows for this type of cruising year-round, enjoying the cool coastal breeze in the spring and summer and soaking up the sun’s warmth in the fall and winter.  Few locations offer this type of flexibility for comfortable cruising any time of the year. 

Transportation is available from many of the downtown Miami hotels to the marina, where your private charter will be waiting for your arrival. 

Spend Time Exploring the Area on Your Private Yacht

Your Miami private charter will allow you and your guests to see the area like never before, from sightseeing the extravagant homes of celebrities residing in the area to the beauty of the local islands.  Miami’s skyline is nothing short of breathtaking, particularly when enjoyed during a sunrise or sunset charter.  During your time aboard, lucky guests may even enjoy dolphins following the yacht as they swim and jump in the boat’s wake.

Explore Miami’s Islands, Beaches and Sandbars

Some of the most notable local islands in Miami that you can visit during your yacht charter include Star Island, Hibiscus Island, and Monument Island.

Your private yacht can drop anchor near Miami’s famous sandbars and beaches.  Our luxury boats offer their own amenities for your guests to enjoy, including jet skis, water inflatables, or spend your time swimming and snorkeling in the clear waters of the Atlantic. 

Dock by the Waterfront for Fine Dining

If enjoying one of the many restaurants that the Miami waterfront offers, your private boat can dock nearby allowing you to enjoy the fine dining that the city has to offer.  Home to some of the most well-known restaurants and nightclubs, you can arrive to your lunch or dinner location in style. 

Miami’s most notorious restaurants include Kiki’s, Seaspice, Zuma, Rusty Pelican and Nobu to name just a few.

Exploring Beyond Miami by Luxury Yacht

Travel beyond the city sights and nature lovers can bask in a world that is pure and untouched like no other.  Clear blue waters, coral reef and the many sea creatures to discover, are all accessible just a couple of hours by boat from the hustle of the city.  Guests can spend time in Key Largo reveling in the coral reef, snorkeling near Fowey Rocks Lighthouse or exploring Elliott Key.

Don’t Forget Onboard Amenities

Miami and the surrounding areas are enough to make your private charter experience beyond anything you have ever experienced.  Add to this the many amenities that a private yacht has to offer, from an onboard chef to Jacuzzi hot tubs and a live DJ.  A luxury yacht is a great way to spend time with friends and family or to celebrate a special occasion like a wedding, anniversary of birthday.  The memories from your private yacht experience will last a lifetime.

For a complete listing of Prestige Yacht Charter’s Miami fleet visit FTL Yacht Charters at https://www.ftlcharteryachts.com/.

Social Distancing Aboard a Luxury Yacht Charter

Many states continue to recommend social distancing to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  This is a growing challenge for many that have already been stuck indoors for months to protect their health.  The travel industry has not bounced back, as there remain restrictions on large crowds.  One of the best ways to social distance, while still enjoying some time away is with a luxury yacht charter. 

The ultimate in seclusion and privacy, a yacht charter can offer you the best of all worlds, safety and exclusion .

The ultimate in seclusion and privacy, a yacht charter can offer you the best of all worlds, safety and exclusion while still enjoying yourself and seeing the stunning sights.

A Private Yacht is the Perfect Solution to Cabin Fever

As the weather warms and spring fever sets in, many are left looking for safe outlets for entertainment.  One great option is a private boat touring New York City, New Jersey or Long Island for a few hours, a day, a weekend or even longer. 

The sights alone aboard a private yacht charter, seeing all that the city has to offer and the stunning skyline of New York, are enough to keep you and your guests enthralled.  Add to that the many amenities that a luxury yacht has onboard, from five-star dining and a full-service bar to a dance floor and Jacuzzi tubs, and you and your guests will be able to isolate on the water in style.

Celebrate a Special Event with a Small Group of Friends and Family

This can be a particularly difficult time for those celebrating a special event or milestone.  Whether an engagement, wedding, birthday or other special event, a private yacht charter can make this a truly special experience.  You can celebrate your time aboard with close friends and family, enjoying all that a luxury yacht has to offer.  This will make your special event a truly memorable experience, while still adhering to any social distancing restrictions and celebrating safely.

There are few ways to ease the restlessness of the quarantine, while still adhering to social distancing protocols, more relaxing or breathtaking than from aboard a luxury yacht charter.

For a complete listing of private yacht charters available visit https://www.prestigeyachtcharters.com/motor_yachts.asp or contact us at 212-717-0300.

Through COVID-19, We Are in This Together

New Yorkers are known for their strength and resilience.

What a struggle for our country as we all try to grapple with the realities that are sweeping the nation. At Prestige Yacht Charters, we are not immune to the effects either. New Yorkers are known for their strength and resilience. COVID-19 is giving us the opportunity to prove to the nation the grit and resolve that is behind this reputation.

When the virus clears, we can ease back into life, our lives and routines. In the meantime, the most important thing we can all do is to maintain our vigilance and follow the guidelines that will stop this virus and end the suffering, especially the human toll.

This is also a time to be very thankful for the hard work of our professionals on the front lines. Doctors, nurses, military personnel, and everyday workers that keep our food, medicines, medical equipment, and essentials flowing. They are literally risking their lives for the benefit of others. We, at Prestige Yacht Charters salute them!

For now, events around New York City have all been canceled, with residents being asked to stay at home as much as possible. While necessary to battle this virus, this can be challenging for those with a fast-paced lifestyle. Rest assured, that those events that have been canceled will be rescheduled in the future after the dust clears. When many of these family gatherings and events are rescheduled, we will, again be ready to offer our private yacht charters in and around New York City.

This may feel like a dark time, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. We will once again resume our lives. You, your families, friends, and associates will heal and Prestige Yacht Charters will be there.

Please be vigilant for your own safety and that of others.

July 4th Fireworks Aboard a Private Yacht Charter of New York City

There are no better ways to watch the NYC 4th of July fireworks than from aboard a luxury yacht.

There are no better ways to watch the NYC 4th of July fireworks than from aboard a luxury yacht.  Lounging on your private deck will give you a view of this spectacular display that draws crowds from all over the country.  The city’s skyline will be lit up with fireworks that make the already beautiful night New York City skyline even more breathtaking.

Beat the July 4th Crowds and Enjoy the Fireworks in Luxury

Certain to draw tremendous crowds, the fireworks on July 4th will light up the skies of the city.  This year, skip the crowds and enjoy the stunning lights display onboard a private boat.  The best views in the city for the fireworks display are from the water.  A luxury yacht charter offers you the opportunity to take in the light show, while relaxing in luxury with friends and family.

The amenities while onboard, including full bar service, five-star meals and the overall comfort that a luxury yacht has to offer, will make this July 4th one that will go down in history for you and your guests. 

Plan Ahead to Reserve Your Private Yacht Charter for the 4th of July

Prestige Yacht Charters offers a full fleet of luxury yachts available for July 4th.  With boats that can accommodate anywhere from a small intimate gathering to guests numbering in the hundreds, your summer dreams can become a reality.  Additional waterfront events are planned throughout the summer.  Stay in touch for additional information on these events, as well as more details on the New York City July 4th fireworks. 

Reserve your luxury yacht now and be sure that you can have a front row seat with plenty of elbow room for viewing this year’s fireworks display.

See the complete line of private luxury yachts available with Prestige Yacht Charters at https://www.prestigeyachtcharters.com/motor_yachts.asp

This Winter Enjoy All that a Private Yacht Charter of Southern Florida Can Offer

There is no better way to enjoy a winter getaway than aboard a luxury yacht charter in the South Florida waters.

Enjoy the Many Amenities While Onboard Your Luxury Yacht Charter

There is no better way to enjoy a winter getaway than aboard a luxury yacht charter in the South Florida waters.  Guests can bask in the sunshine deck-side, while also enjoying fine dining and entertainment options onboard.  South Florida’s comfortable temperatures during the winter months make this a getaway that you will never forget.

The views from the deck of your private yacht charter alone are enough to make this experience one-of-a-kind.  Add to that the many amenities available during your time at sea, and a South Florida yacht charter just can’t be beat.  Amenities can include everything from an onboard Jacuzzi to live entertainment and a DJ. 

With a wide variety of dining options to choose from during your time at sea, you can be sure that the food service is exactly as you envision.  This may be appetizers and cocktails or a sit-down captain’s dinner.  With an onboard chef, even those guests with unique dietary needs and preferences can have meals customized to suit their tastes.  These and more onboard amenities will truly make your yacht charter a unique experience for all of the guests.

From Small Gatherings to Large Parties, a Private Yacht Charter Can Accommodate

The fleet of private yachts with FTL Yacht Charters can accommodate any occasion, with boats that are perfect for an intimate gathering to those than can comfortably entertain hundreds of guests.  Whether you are planning a small group of friends for a weekend getaway or a large celebration such as a wedding, engagement or birthday, you are sure to find the perfect luxury yacht charter to meet your needs.

FTL Yacht Charters offers luxury boats departing from Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach.  For a complete listing of private yachts available visit https://ftlcharteryachts.com/charter-yachts.html.