What to Expect from the Yacht Crew of Your New York Luxury Charter

The onboard crew is important to the success and enjoyment of your New York luxury yacht charter.  The number of crew members vary depending on the size of the boat and how many guests are onboard.  This team usually consists of a captain and first mate, engineer, stewards and stewardesses and an onboard chef.  These crew members will work together to make sure the boat’s mechanics are running smoothly, as well as ensuring the enjoyment of all the guests.

The Captain’s Duties on a Luxury Yacht Charter of New York City and the Hudson River

For any size vessel, a captain is needed to operate the boat safely.  The captain also assumes full responsibility for all of the guests onboard, while commanding over the other crew members.  Prior to departure, the captain is responsible for training the crew and ensuring the safety of the boat.  On the water, these roles will include steering, navigating, and any necessary maintenance of the boat.        The responsibility of the yacht’s electrical, mechanical, computer and plumbing will fall to the engineer.

Dedicated Crew Members Responsible for Attending to the Guests Onboard the Private Boat

The stewards and stewardesses on a luxury yacht charter are those crew members responsible for ensuring that all the needs of the guests are met.  This includes serving food and beverage and attending to any special requests from guests.  This team is also responsible for creating a warm and inviting interior of the boat.  they will be sure all your details are fully executed including your arrangements for decor, entertainment, and other requested services.

The crew members of an NYC luxury yacht charter are carefully chosen to fit the boat’s size and requirements, as well as the number of guests onboard.  Teams are thoroughly trained to meet guests’ needs, while ensuring that safety of everyone onboard.

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